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Learn about assisted living from in-depth articles that have helped plenty of local seniors navigate the challenges of aging.

Stockton Assisted Living | Senior couple sitting outside their home drinking coffee

Finding Comfort and Stability in Assisted Living Care Homes

As we journey through life our sense of home evolves and for many, living in a beloved dwelling becomes a cornerstone of stability and security …

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Stockton Assisted Living | Group of seniors sitting in a living room

Understanding Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes in Stockton, CA

How to Choose the Right Senior Care Near You Welcome to Novellus Stockton Assisted Living in Stockton, CA. We understand that choosing the right long-term …

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Stockton Assisted Living | Group of happy seniors socializing around a table

Choosing Between Assisted Living and Home Care

Stockton, CA is home to several senior care options. You may be looking into how to help your loved one with daily tasks. When we …

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Stockton Assisted Living | Two seniors crafting together at the Stockton senior center

The Importance of Community In Our Stockton Senior Center for Assisted Living

For older adults in Stockton, having a strong support system in place can work wonders. This is especially true for seniors who require assisted living …

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Stockton Assisted Living | Assisted Living seniors playing games

Exploring Assisted Living in Lodi, CA and Calfornia’s Central Valley

As we age, we all need to plan for our future, and that includes figuring out where we’ll live. Many seniors in Lodi, California are …

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Stockton Assisted Living | Caregiver helping senior | Happy senior couple sitting at sofa in living room and reading

Comparing Senior Apartments in Stockton, CA to At-Home Senior Care

Regardless of age, health, or financial status, everyone wants to maintain their independence for as long as possible. For seniors, this often means staying in …

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