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Novellus Cypresswood | Senior woman talking with her caregiver and going over paperwork

Creating Culture in Senior Living | Spring, TX

Join us at Novellus Cypresswood to thrive by association. Our services are attainable, our wellness programs inspire, and our meal services are top-rated.

Our assistive services will free up your time to enjoy your hobbies with other residents who are just as passionate about life. Community spirit is an essential aspect of daily life.

Living here is not just about simplifying life. Residents here enjoy each other’s company while working towards something bigger than themselves: finding meaning through connection. Welcome to the ultimate opportunity for senior living in Spring.

Prices starting at $2,500 per month

See Yourself at Novellus Cypresswood

Our memory care living spaces include:

Novellus Cypresswood | Bedroom

Familiar and easy-to-navigate floor plans

Novellus Cypresswood | Privarte Suite

Private studios with bathroom

Novellus Cypresswood | Common areas

Modern fixtures

Novellus Cypresswood | Housekeeping

Housekeeping, maintenance, and laundry

Novellus Cypresswood | Utilities

Utilities included

Our senior studio apartments feature:

Novellus Cypresswood | Bedroom

Studio or studio deluxe floor plans

Novellus Cypresswood | Kitchenette

Kitchenette options

Novellus Cypresswood | Utilities

Utilities included

Novellus Cypresswood | Private Bath

Private bathrooms

Novellus Cypresswood | Walk-in Shower

Walk-in shower

Novellus Cypresswood | Temperature Control

Individual temperature control

Novellus Cypresswood | Grab bars

Grab bars in the bathroom and emergency pull cords

Novellus Cypresswood | Modern Flooring

Modern flooring

Novellus Cypresswood | Window

Large windows

Novellus Cypresswood | Housekeeping

Housekeeping, maintenance, and laundry

A community of amenities:

Novellus Cypresswood | Dining

Restaurant-style dining

Novellus Cypresswood | Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access

Novellus Cypresswood | Community dining

Private dining room

Novellus Cypresswood | Concierge Service

Concierge service

Novellus Cypresswood | Salon

Beauty salon

Novellus Cypresswood | Theater

Movie theater

Novellus Cypresswood | Library


Novellus Cypresswood | Chapel

On-site worship services

Novellus Cypresswood | Fitness

Fitness center and wellness programs

Novellus Cypresswood | Aquatic Center

Physical therapy studio

Novellus Cypresswood | Courtyard

Private patio and courtyard

Novellus Cypresswood | Gardening

Garden area

Novellus Cypresswood | Walking paths

Paved walking paths

Novellus Cypresswood | Bus

Scheduled transportation for appointments and shopping

A Culture of Dining

You will be surprised by the senior living dining experience at Novellus Cypresswood. Our culinary professionals proudly prepare food that fosters well-being and community spirit. You’ll enjoy bonding with new friends over our heart-healthy choices and Texas treats. Our seasonal menu options inspire meal time.

Novellus Cypresswood | Senior couple eating lunch together

A Holistic Approach to Extending Independence

Novellus Cypresswood | Seniors doing group exercises

Bodies in Motion

Move with purpose and gain independence! From walking groups to the fitness center, continuing to move is one of the best defenses to prevent future injury and illness. We have a program or exercise suitable for you.

Thrive By Association

Whether through wellness activities, an afternoon in the game room, or a patio conversation, we welcome you into a group of new friends focused on living the way you want.

Novellus Cypresswood | Senior grandparents sitting with granddaughter on a bench
Novellus Cypresswood | Senior woman practicing memory care

Mindful Matters

Continuing education is an essential process for preventing dementia. Your brain strength will match your body through puzzles, trivia, and trips to local cultural attractions.

Hobbies, New and Old

Bring your creative passions to Novellus Cypresswood! We build community by sharing our talents for art projects, card games, and crafts.

Novellus Cypresswood | Senior man playing a game of chess
Novellus Cypresswood | Group of seniors singing together

Fulfilling Fun

Engage in something new, whether it be a holiday or social club. We have an expansive calendar of daily activities for every lifestyle. Join in and expand your opportunity for enjoyment.

Scenic Drives and Transportation

Take advantage of living in Spring and explore the potential of the city. Let us handle the driving to pick up groceries or get to doctors’ appointments. Join us for community trips to museums and out to lunch.

Novellus Cypresswood | Senior couple walking in the park

What is the difference between nursing homes, assisted living, and memory care?

Novellus Cypresswood | Senior woman talking with her caregiver and going over paperwork

Assisted living is a type of senior housing that helps with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

Memory care is a form of assisted living that specializes in caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Unlike nursing homes, both services emphasize daily activity, wellness, and socialization.

The main difference between assisted living and memory care is that memory care facilities offer more specialized care and services for residents with dementia. Memory care facilities typically have a higher staff-to-resident ratio than assisted living facilities and often have security measures to prevent residents from wandering.

Nursing homes in Spring, TX help seniors recover from injury and illness. Novellus Cypresswood helps older adults live better. Improve the quality of life for you or a loved one with assisted living and memory care. Residents can effortlessly age in place thanks to both of the services we offer.

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